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At the moment we have about 6.000 records in the NG format (New Generation/XML), with regard to Sculpture, Architecture, Inscriptions, Coins, Furniture, Rooms.

These records are based on our old paper records.


At the moment, we have about 25000 images online (and thousands more in the pipeline).

For a reproduction permission, for personal study or commercial use, please compile this form and send it as facsimile: Modulo.pdf.


Sorry, but at the moment, we have only about 50 of our rooms online.


At the moment, we have about 500 documents inside the system (archival and contemporanean sources): 40 books, articles and excerpts regarding pieces from the Capitoline Museums and the Antiquarium Comunale; 500 transcripts of the meetings of the Archeological Commission of Rome (1872-1916); 3 books regarding the history of the Sculpture Collection, Dresden.